Funded Projects of the 1. Phase


Appropriation and Revitalization. Negotiation Processes of the German-Jewish Cultural Heritage in Poland. Knufinke, Ulrich and Leiserowitz, Ruth; Braunschweig/ Bonn.

Constructions of Jewish Cultural Heritage in Theoretical-Critical and Literary Texts on Architecture and Space. Brämer, Andreas and Knufinke, Ulrich, Hamburg.

Contesting and Transmissing Polyphonic Jewish Heritage. Strategies and Practices of Authorization. Henning, Ina and Tauschek, Markus; Hanover/Freiburg.

Diverse Sources, Shared Histories. Jewish Cultural Heritage from the Middle Ages in Contemporary Discourse. Haverkamp-Rott, Eva and Reiner, Avraham Rami. Munich/Beer Sheva

German-Jewish Cultural Heritage Abroad: The Material and Intellectual Legacy of the Hochschule für die Wissenschaft des Judentums. Aue-Ben David, Irene and Weiss, Yfaat; Jerusalem/ Leipzig.

Jewish Film Heritage. Ludewig, Anna-Dorothea, Schneider, Ulrike and Wohl von Haselberg, Lea; Potsdam.

Kabbalah as a Paradigm of Transfer between Judaism and Christianity. Eggerz, Níels and Morlok, Elke; Frankfurt.

Knowledge Architectures: Mapping structures of Jewish heritagization processes on communal, organizational and academic levels in post-1945 Europe. Ross, Sarah M. and Kranz, Dani; Hanover/ Beer Sheva.

Queering Jewish Cultural Heritage in Europe: Jewish Transformations through Reparative Response and Creative Encounter. Kagan, Sacha and Crowdus, Miranda; Hildesheim/Montreal.

Social Responsibility in German-Jewish Life: Traditions and Places as Jewish Heritage. Raspe, Lucia and Stecklina, Gerd. Essen/ Munich.

Trials and Transmissions: Mapping the Legacy of the German Refugee Rabinate. Riepl, Christian and Wilhelm, Cornelia; Munich.