Research Projects

The priority program brings together diverse disciplines that deal with the objects and concepts of Jewish heritage. Methods and research objects will be exchanged in interdisciplinary sub-projects and cross-project formats. In addition to disciplines like Jewish Studies, History, or Literary Studies, the view ‘from the margins’ on concepts and objects of Jewish heritage will be included as well: Musicology, architecture, archaeology, art history, monument preservation, museology, philosophy, (empirical) cultural studies/anthropology, and critical heritage studies will provide perspectives that enable a new synopsis.

The priority program is split up into two phases (up to 3 years duration): Phase 1 (years 1-3) highlights a theoretical reflection on the diverse and changing understandings of Jewish cultural heritage. It includes the analysis of retrospectives and comparative research of historical and current developments in Germany and Europe. In phase 2 (years 4-6), topics will be explored in-depth with applied research.

The insights from Phase 1 will serve as a starting point for developing strategies for integrating Jewish actors and their perspectives in cultural heritage processes. In both phases, international advisors (Mercator-Fellows) will support the individual projects in an advisory capacity.