Workshop Defining Knowledge Architectures within Jewish Heritage Studies, 14.-15.03.2024


„From the perspective of critical heritage studies, cultural heritage manifests itself not only in tangible objects and intangible cultural practices, but also in the underlying (power) structures of heritagization. Especially in the context of Jewish cultural heritage these processes and structures have received little academic attention. Through an interdisciplinary perspective of scholars from Europe, this workshop seeks to conceptualize a working definition of knowledge architectures that can be applied to research on Jewish cultural heritage. Through a range of panels, we seek to build a deeper understanding of the power dynamics behind the process of heritagization and their connection to Jewish cultural heritage.

What are the existing theories of knowledge architectures across heritage studies, archeology, anthropology, sociology, ethnomusicology, Jewish studies, and history and how are they helpful or not for identifying knowledge production and transmission of Jewish heritage? How do we identify key actors and stakeholders within architectures of knowledge? How have these structures evolved in different cultural contexts?“

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“Defining Knowledge Architectures within Jewish Heritage Studies”

am University College London (UCL) – Anthropology Department

14.-15. März 2024

Workshop des Forschungsprojekts: Wissensarchitekturen. Kartierung von Strukturen jüdischer Kulturerbeprozesse auf kommunaler, organisatorischer und akademischer Ebene in Europa nach 1945

28. November 2023